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Alfred Rosenberg's diary (J. Mattäus - F. Bajohr)

Here is the first complete edition of the Journal of Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946), the main ideologue of the German National Socialist Party, Hitler's traveling companion from 1920. Lost since 1946, the Journal of Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg n & 39; was only discovered recently. For the first time, it is presented in a complete and enlarged edition by the historians Jürgen Matthâus and Frank Bajohr, both specialists in Holocaust Studies.
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The scandalous queen: misconceptions about Marie-Antoinette

If there is a queen who has been criticized, it is Marie Antoinette. Is it true ? Is this wrong? Cécile Berly thus takes up these clichés in her work "The Scandalous Queen - Ideas received on Marie-Antoinette", analyzes their origin and shows us that they are either dependent on or against Marie-Antoinette, while making her a woman martyred and guillotined.
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John has no more land

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