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USS Mission Bay (CVE-59) underway, August 1944

USS Mission Bay (CVE-59) underway, August 1944 Here we see the Casablanca class escort carrier USS Mission Bay (CVE-59) underway on 10 August 1944. At this point she had just completed repairs to damage suffered in a collision at New York, and in the following month would move to the South Atlantic for anti-submarine duties.
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Hecatomb of emperors in Byzantium

In Byzantium, in 1453, the Crescent replaced the Cross. 23 were murdered, 12 died in prison or in the convent, 3 died of hunger, 18 were castrated, wrung out, deprived of their nose or their hands, 8 died in war or by accident, 34 had the privilege of s & 39; extinguish normally in their bed, the others were suffocated, poisoned, strangled, stabbed, thrown from the top of a wall.
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