Hugo name: origin, history, etymology and meaning

Long less used than its derivative Hugues, the first name Hugo enjoyed a popularity record between the years 1990 and 2000. The Hugo is celebrated on April 1, the day of Saint Hugues, who directed theCluny abbey in the eleventh century.

Origin and etymology of the first name Hugo

The first name Hugo is the Latin transcription of a personal name of Germanic origin, formed from the root "hug" which means "spirit" or "thought". In the south of France, he gave the derivative forms Hugolin and Ugolin (including the famous character of Marcel Pagnol). It has also been used as a surname in several forms: Hugo, Hugon, Higounet.

Use and popularity of the first name Hugo

First name of the Middle Ages par excellence, Hugo subsequently fell into disuse. Used confidentially until 1980, it then experienced a rapid rise which raised it to the top positions at the turn of the previous century. Famous Hugo's include Italian designer Hugo Pratt, German fashion designer Hugo Boss, former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Australian actor Hugo Weaving.

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