Would You Like to Tour the Tomb of Nefertari? Grab Your VR Headset and Explore!

Would You Like to Tour the Tomb of Nefertari? Grab Your VR Headset and Explore!

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Have you ever wished you could be guided through a beautifully preserved ancient Egyptian tomb? This is a dream for many people, however advances in virtual reality (VR) can help you get one giant step closer to the real experience. QV 66, the marvelous tomb of Queen Nefertari, has just recently been brought to VR life in stunning detail – providing you with a personal tour of the famous tomb from your own home.

Screenshot from VR of Nefertari’s tomb. Source: CuriosityStream

PR Newswire reports that the VR experience is called “Nefertari: Journey to Eternity” and is the brainchild of CuriosityStream. The experience provides students and adults with the chance to explore a 3D version of the ancient Egyptian tomb of Queen Nefertari alongside an Egyptologist. The expert gives the viewer insight on various elements of the decoration found in the tomb.

Nefertari’s tomb is one of the largest in the Valley of the Queens. (Image: CuriosityStream)

“Nefertari: Journey to Eternity ” is a VR experience in which people using an HTC Vive VR headset can interact with different elements of the beautiful murals of the tomb and learn more about the images shown on them. You can also see everything in great detail because the tomb has been filmed with millimeter accuracy.

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The content is available on STEAM and also Viveport (VIVE’s store) for viewing with the VR headset. The STEAM description for the experience provides this concise explanation:

“In Egypt's legendary Valley of the Queens lies Queen Nefertari's tomb, one of the modern world's most detailed windows into ancient Egyptians' journey towards the afterlife. Now, state-of-the-art technology has made it possible to digitally scan Nefertari's tomb with millimeter accuracy. For the first time ever, step inside the fabled tomb and immerse yourself in the story of its art, history, construction, and mythology through interactive elements.”

Screenshot of “Nefertari: Journey to Eternity.” ( CuriosityStream)

Nefertari’s tomb is arguably one of the most beautifully decorated ancient Egyptian tombs found to date. Ernesto Schiaparelli, a director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, has been credited with the tomb’s discovery in 1904.

It is commonly said that Queen Nefertari’s tomb is one of the most striking and largest tombs found in the Valley of the Queens. The tomb’s murals focus primarily on scenes from her life and death. Her beauty was emphasized in the artistic depiction of her eyes, cheeks, and eyebrows.

Unfortunately, much of the tomb’s treasures had been looted by the time Schiaparelli encountered it and it was in dire need for conservation work. Some of the artifacts that escaped the looters’ fingers are: a pair of sandals, about 30 ushabti figures, several scarabs, a fragment of a gold bracelet, and the sarcophagus. Only her knees have been found ; the rest of the mummy has been lost.

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The exquisite interior of Nefertari’s tomb has been restored. (Image: CuriosityStream)

OSIRISNET explains that Nefertari was a wife of Ramesses II. Her full name was Nefertari Meritmut – meaning 'beautiful companion, Beloved of [the goddess] Mut.' Her husband seemed to have preferred her over his other wives . This can be seen in his poetic declarations which say she was “the one for whom the sun shines,” and “My love is unique — no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart.”

Nefertari. ( Public Domain )

This queen lived during ancient Egypt’s 19th Dynasty and used her rare skills in reading and writing hieroglyphs to diplomatic ends. Apart from her magnificent tomb, Nefertari’s importance is also demonstrated by the consistent presence of her image beside Ramesses II’s and through the temple her husband had built for her near his colossal monument at Abu Simbel.

Right side of Nefertari’s temple at Abu Simbel. (Steve F-E-Cameron/ CC BY SA 3.0 )

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    Would You Like to Tour the Tomb of Nefertari? Grab Your VR Headset and Explore! - History

    Min. of Antiquities seeks to put Egyptian Museum in UNESCO World Heritage
    Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anany visited the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on Wednesday-Ministry of Antiquities' official Facebook page

    The Ministry of Antiquities is working on a long-term plan to register the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir in the UNESCO World Heritage list, Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anany announced on Wednesday.

    This was during Anany’s tour at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to follow up the upgrade of the displays in the exhibition space and the procedures the museum is set to take after Tutankhamun’s treasures are moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

    Sailing Toward Osiris is an ancient Egyptian themed worker placement board game, which was released earlier this year (2018), by Daily Magic Games. Designed by W. David MacKenzie, with art from Denis Martynets, the game sees 2 – 5 players spend around 60 – 90 minutes (based on the player count) gathering resources, building grand monuments and negotiating. However, is Sailing Toward Osiris a title that is fit for the new Pharaoh? Let’s find out.

    A team of archaeologists — led by Yale Egyptologist John Darnell — has uncovered a “lost oasis” of archaeological activity in the eastern Egyptian desert of Elkab.

    The researchers from the Elkab Desert Survey Project — a joint mission of Yale and the Royal Museums of Art and History Brussels working in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities and the Inspectorate of Edfu — surveyed the area of Bir Umm Tineidba, once thought to be devoid of any major archaeological remains. Instead, the team unearthed “a wealth of archaeological and epigraphic material,” says Darnell, including a number of examples of ancient rock art or “graffiti,” the burial site of an Egyptian woman, and a previously unrecorded, enigmatic Late Roman settlement.

    Ancient Egypt has captivated our imaginations for centuries. Egyptologists have made many fascinating discoveries over the years, but it seems as though just as many mysteries surrounding this ancient culture remain unsolved.

    One of these mysteries is the story of Ankhesenamun although inscriptions have been found that depict some parts of her life, the details are scant. This is in part due to the efforts of Horemheb, the last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, to destroy all trace of her father — who he branded a heretic king — and his lineage.

    Ahead of the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Storied Media Group has acquired the production and sponsorship rights to a large archeological excavation in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, to begin in September, led by renowned Egyptologist and archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass. The project is being pitched to multiple networks as a docuseries and possible live-event special. Storied Media Group was selected by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities to document the event.

    Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an ancient pottery manufacturing workshop dating to more than 4,000 years ago.

    Thursday’s statement by the Antiquities Ministry says the workshop is situated close to the River Nile in Aswan province in southern Egypt.

    Ancient Egyptians reserved green for the bold beryl complexion of their god of life and death, Osiris – ruler of the underworld, who held dominion over the passage of souls between this world and the next. Typical depictions of Osiris, such as one found on the 13th-Century BC walls of the burial tomb of Horemheb, the last monarch of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, portray a skinny, grassy-skinned god, whose false pharaoh’s beard marks him out as a deity of incontestable pre-eminence.

    The ex-dean of the faculty of Archelogy Cairo University Mohamed Hamza revealed to Egypt Today some important facts about the 2,000-year-old sarcophagus that was unearthed in Alexandria.

    Egyptian Ship Model Sheds Light on Bronze Age Warfare and Religion
    Building a virtual 3D model of the Gurob model revealed many secrets.

    Ancient Egypt conjures visions of towering monuments and glittering gold, but it’s often the small, unassuming archaeological finds that yield the deepest insights. The exhibition Beyond the Nile: Egypt and the Classical World explores some of these underappreciated objects and what they can tell us about the complex interactions among ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. This small wooden ship-cart model from an Egyptian tomb is one example.

    Finally, they found out what’s written on an ancient papyrus – there are details about a condition which is called “hysterical apnea,” which talks about how women who don’t have enough sex become hysterical. We all know that female hysteria was a common diagnosis once, and there are texts that show that the condition made its appearance back in 1900 BC in ancient Egypt. Hippocrates, who was the founder of medicine, also believed in the existence of this condition from the 5th century BC.

    “Your city weeps, and her tears are running, and there is no help for us. For 20 years we have been sending to our lord, the king, the king of Egypt, but there has not come to us a word from our lord, not one.” Amarna Tablet

    The Amarna Letters offer a remarkable insight into the hopes, fears, challenges and diplomatic life in ancient Egypt - requests for gold, offers of marriage, warning of a traitor, and promises of loyalty to the pharaoh – these are just some of the themes that appear in this remarkable collection. Numbering almost 400 clay tablets, the content inscribed provides scholars with an unrivalled peek into diplomatic life in Egypt and across the Middle East during the 14th century BC.

    Famine Stela: A piece of Pharaonic diary
    Famine Stela at Sehel Island in the Nile, Aswan, Upper Egypt- Egypt Today/Mahmoud Sheleib

    In the era of King Djoser, King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Neterkhet and founder of the Third Dynasty in the Old Kingdom, a shortage of the Nile flood in 2,700 BC led to a seven-year famine, leaving Egypt in a state of extreme distress. The king was perplexed as grains were insufficient, seeds dried up, people robbed each other, and temples and shrines closed. Looking for an end to his people’s suffering, the king consulted his architect and prime minister, Imhotep, commanding him to dig for a solution in the old sacred texts. Obeying the king’s order, Imhotep headed to a temple in the ancient city of Ain Shams (Old Heliopolis), where he discovered that the solution could be found in the city of Yebu (Aswan or Elephantine), the source of the Nile.


    Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

    Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers and is the most-visited tourist attraction in Vienna. The palace consists of over 1,400 rooms and is considered one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historic monuments in Austria.

    Once you leave the palace, be sure to venture out to the gardens and you can explore an impressive maze, orangery, and a botanical garden — all containing impressive fountains and sculptures.

    To start your virtual tour, click to explore the palace or start by strolling through the park.

    Oculus Go/Gear VR games

    Oculus announced that compatible Oculus Go and Gear VR games would be playable on the original Oculus Quest. The initial library of Oculus Go/Gear VR games to make the jump includes dozens of titles. Unfortunately, no Oculus Go games are supported on the Oculus Quest 2.

    Candy coasters

    3C Wonderland Coaster

    This coaster game takes you through wonderful lands filled with sweets, including chocolate rivers and candy creatures.

    Fancy flying

    Ace Phantom

    This 360-degree flyer has you combat enemies in an OO-Phantom fighter jet.

    War combat

    Air Combat (WW2)

    This flying game supports multiplayer modes and training that helps you hone your aerial combat skills.

    Scary space


    You play in this game as a cosmonaut on a ship that’s on a mission. The longer you’re on the ship, the more your sense of reality falters.

    Simple shooting

    Bathroom Shooting Games

    Some people say it’s essential to keep your ducks in a row. This game makes it necessary to shoot your ducks in a row. It’s a simple shooting game that you can kill time with by shooting ducks.

    Top down gaming

    Battle of Kings VR: Mobile

    Create a strategy to defeat your opponent in this top-down combat game. You can battle against other players or AI in strategic combat.

    Crazy coasters


    You can ride in four coasters, including coasters that dodge around asteroids in space and a dystopian mining colony, in this VR coaster experience.

    Endless running


    Collect coins as you run for eternity and dodge obstacles. You move your head around to stay clear of debris and keep your body ready to run.

    Playing with polygons


    In this game, you soar around freely and dodge obstacles to find your targets. It features a unique polygon art style and slow-motion effects that allow you to perfect your plans.

    Oneiric world


    You hunt for three platforms that open gates while exploring a world inspired by a dream in this platformer. You can glide on the wind and jump off trampolines to explore the surreal world.

    VR hacking


    This strategy/puzzle game positions you as a hacker that uses viruses and worms to steal data on the web. Its art style is inspired by TRON, The Matrix, and other cyberpunk titles.

    Disturbing story

    Dead Body Falls

    This story-driven game allows you to watch the story from multiple perspectives to see all the details. It follows a disturbing event at a hotel where.

    Zombie virus

    Death Horizon

    The T12 virus has broken out in this game, leading to zombie hordes appearing everywhere. You can use various guns to slay the zombies, including a machine gun without any recoil. It supports co-op multiplayer so that you can kill zombies with your friends.

    Eyes up front!

    Don’t Look Away

    This horror experience has you strapped to a chair, bound, and gagged by a mysterious entity. You have to solve the mysteries of the room before it’s too late.

    Scary running

    Fear Incarnate

    This title combines an endless runner and a cinematic horror experience. You awaken from a cryo-stasis inside a nightmarish experience full of deadly traps and corridors.

    Scary coaster

    Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster

    This short game has two scary roller coasters that take you through scary environments. There are explosions, wired machines, and effects that enhance the frightening experience.

    Flying free


    This combat flying game places you inside a dangerous nebula to battle your enemies. You have to protect your interstellar base and leaders from “the defilers.”

    Get it?

    Gamers Generations

    There are 51 hidden references to games inside this VR experience. You have to find them all to show how much you know about gaming.

    Finding treasure

    Hidden Fortune

    This game takes you on a VR treasure hunt to find a hidden fortune. In it, you can cast magic orbs and use wands to aid you on your quest.

    Frightening puzzles

    House of Terror

    This game has you solve puzzles and search through dark environments full of traps and monsters. You have to find out what’s gone wrong, but the danger is all around you.

    Immersive storytelling

    Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light

    This immersive story uses 360-degree illustrated pages to tell the story of the memories of those visiting a girl in the forest.


    MetaTable Poker

    This poker game allows you to rent a private table that you can invite your friends, too, with a PIN. You can spend your chips on dozens of objects and play in several environments.

    VR pets

    My Virtual Pet VR

    You can take care of your virtual pet in this game. Your pet dinosaur can play fetch, eat, sleep, and play with you in VR.


    Paint VR

    Use your controller to create 3D art inside of VR in this painting experience.

    Pirate Shooter

    Aim and destroy your enemies in this pirate shooting game. There are levels to unlock, a global leaderboard, and treasures to collect.

    Trust your instincts

    Play With Me

    This freaky game has you wake up in an “empty” house where you must trust your instincts to escape.

    Home run!

    Power Hitter

    This game lets you swing for the fences using your controller. You can take on the 12 Zodiac teams and challenges to prove your skills at the plate.

    See the pyramids

    Pyramids Roller Coaster

    You can see the pyramids while riding a roller coaster in this game. Take a look at the pyramids as they were in the 1920s, as you barely escape from a tomb while riding the tracks.

    The real deal

    Rilix VR

    This coaster game focuses on delivering an immersive experience to replicate real life. It has three environments to enjoy and lets you travel to unique places.

    Greek coasters

    RollerCoaster Legends

    In this game, you ride on rollercoasters inspired by Greek myths such as the Minotaur, Kronos, Charon, and Hades.

    Battle ships

    Salvo Go

    This game is essentially a VR version of Battleship. It allows you to seek and destroy your opponent. You can play against other users as well as your friends using the mobile app.

    Get your sea legs

    Sea Hero Quest

    In this game, you have to navigate using gathered data to help scientists who have dementia.

    Scary sisters

    Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

    This immersive ghost story has you interact with sisters from the other world. It has 360-degree visuals to scare you along the way.

    Training time

    Sky Fighter: Training Day

    This game teaches you how to use your armored sky fighter to combat enemies in the sky. This game includes three free missions and additional missions for purchase.

    Future pilot

    Space Dodge2

    In this game, you’re a futuristic pilot on a mission. You travel through the galaxy and overcome challenges using just your piloting skills.

    Virtual tabletop


    In this virtual tabletop game, you command a futuristic war room to enact your strategies. You can use gunships, tanks, bombers, and other units to defeat your enemies.

    Mini games

    They Suspect Nothing

    This collection includes 20 mini-games and five hubs and instructors. The game places you as the last human on Earth in a robot-only society.

    Thrill ride

    Thrill Rollercoasters

    You can ride five rollercoasters in this game, each designed to get your blood flowing.

    Tower defense

    Toy Clash

    This tower defense game allows you to build up your defenses while planning a strategic attack against your opponents. The whole game is based around toys, so it has a cute charm to it.

    Music slashing

    Track Slash

    This game has you swing a saber through blocks set to music. It allows you to feel the groove and interact with the rhythm of songs.

    Avian domination

    Turkey Hunt

    In a post-apocalyptic world, you have to battle turkeys that are set on world domination. The turkeys are all in riot gear, so you’ll have to give it some extra effort to defeat them.

    Trap setting

    Underworld Overlord

    In this game, you defend a dungeon with traps, spells, and monsters. You have to defend your dungeon against waves of enemies and protect the Overlord’s Animus.


    VR Basketball

    You can shoot some hoops in this game, competing against the clock to get as many points as possible before the buzzer goes off.

    Battling and racing

    VR Rally

    In this racing game, you try to beat your opponents on the track with skill. If pure speed and racing skills don’t work, you can beat them with weapons and traps.

    Slaughter the forces of Chaos

    Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister

    Set in the popular Warhammer universe, this game has you play as a sister of battle on a quest to find her long-lost sister while shooting and carving your way through waves of sci-fi baddies and massive bosses.

    Single wheel

    Wheel Rush

    This racing game has you zip around on a single-wheeled racer on an unlimited track. You have to dodge obstacles to keep going on your monocycle.


    For developer Drool, creating a music game just wasn&rsquot enough: Thumper would be a rhythm violence game. We were intrigued when it was announced, and now we are captivated by its immersive embrace.

    Piloting a metallic beetle-thing with a ravenous taste for blistering speed, this indie game has you zooming through trippy, psychedelic surroundings. Neon pathway resembles Amplitude and Guitar Hero, the notes replaced with walls to skid on and obstacles to scale. Each level introduces a new gameplay wrinkle, with your efforts culminating in a showdown with the giant animated skull, CRAKHEAD. Hey, at PCGN, we don&rsquot judge. Thumper is astonishing in VR, its physicality and speed creating an intoxicating mix with its original, pumping soundtrack. As far as music games go, this far and away one of the best VR games on PC. Drool says &ldquoTo reach synesthetic bliss, you must face rhythm hell.&rdquo To say VR takes things up a notch would be a severe understatement.

    Déclaration commune de la Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée et du Groupe parlementaire de la France Insoumise

    Le parlement est occupé actuellement par le débat sur le projet de loi « Respect des principes républicains » communément nommé « contre le Séparatisme ». Ce texte long, parfois confus tant il survole de sujets sans apporter de réponses pertinentes aux problèmes évoqués, ne vise pour l’essentiel, qu’à mettre en place de nouvelles possibilités d’intrusions, de sanctions et de dissolutions des associations cultuelles et en particulier celles qui organisent le culte musulman. Il en résulte concrètement une suspicion accrue en leur direction.

    Ce projet de loi ne contient aucune proposition positive renforçant la laïcité et les libertés publiques, et préserve les atteintes anti-laïques du Concordat d’Alsace-Moselle, du Régime de Vichy, de la loi Debré et de la loi Carle. Toutes les propositions contenues dans ce texte ne sont que du domaine de la sanction accrue, sont autant d’atteintes à la liberté de conscience de chacun et de tous ainsi que l’ensemble du mouvement associatif qui percevra des fonds publics. Désormais, chaque association subventionnée devra adopter un fumeux « contrat d’engagement républicain » à l’efficacité quasi inexistante, mais qui renforce une suspicion généralisée à leur encontre. Enfin, après les cadeaux de la loi Blanquer à l’école privée essentiellement confessionnelle, le projet de loi accorde encore des faveurs financières supplémentaires aux cultes en modifiant la loi de 1905.

    Lors de la première semaine de débat, on a déjà constaté une multiplication de propos blessants et vexatoires contre certains de nos concitoyens, pacifiques et sans liens avec les attentats qui ont endeuillé notre pays, en raison de leur religion. Le Gouvernement et le Président de la République porte l’entière responsabilité de ce déchainement de passion contre une partie de la population, qui ne renforce en rien la laïcité, bien au contraire.

    Comment ne pas constater cette chose étrange : bien peu d’associations et organisations ne veulent de ce projet de loi et pourtant, plein d’arrière-pensée, le gouvernement s’entête.

    • Les associations historiques de la laïcité ne veulent pas de ce projet de loi et le repoussent avec force et vigueur.
    • Les associations de défense des Droits de l’Homme et de lutte contre le racisme n’en veulent pas plus et le combattent avec énergie

    Les organisations syndicales le repoussent.

    • Le PS, le PCF, EELV, Génération’s et beaucoup d’autres formations politiques ne le soutiennent pas non plus.
    • Les organisations patronales s’inquiètent des conséquences prévisibles de tension dans les entreprises.
    • La plupart des cultes affirment leurs désaccords et leurs craintes devant un tel projet de contrainte.
    • La plupart des Obédiences maçonniques le conteste fortement.
    • La Commission nationale consultative des Droits de l’Homme, le Mouvement associatif, la Défenseure des droits le récusent, le Conseil d’État a retoqué un grand nombre de dispositions du projet de loi initial et interroge sur la pertinence de mesures maintenues.
    • Mme la Haute Commissaire aux droits de l’Homme et plusieurs rapporteurs spéciaux à l’ONU ont manifesté leurs désaccords et leurs inquiétudes.

    • La Droite et l’Extrême-Droite estiment qu’il ne va pas assez loin dans la répression et la suspicion contre nos concitoyens de confession musulmane (réelle ou supposée) et elles en appellent à l’intensification des menées liberticides.

    • Enfin la « Majorité », censée le soutenir, s’entredéchire et se disperse en de multiples éclatements aux positions contradictoires.

    Dès lors, une question se pose : peut-on gouverner ainsi ? Pourquoi emprunter cette voie de tensions permanentes ? Et pourquoi ne jamais aborder dans ce texte les graves problèmes que rencontrent nos concitoyens (service publics dégradés, écoles publiques affaiblies, pauvreté en hausse, mal logement, ségrégations sociales et spatiales, etc..) et qui fracturent pourtant gravement notre société ?

    Le Groupe parlementaire de la France insoumise mène une action résolue à l’Assemblée nationale pour empêcher les menées dangereuses pour les libertés publiques de voir le jour. La Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée lui apporte son plein soutien dans cette action.

    La Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée, de son côté, agit avec le Collectif d’associations et de syndicats pour le retrait de cette loi et le Groupe parlementaire de la France insoumise lui apporte son concours plein et entier dans cette démarche de défense des libertés.

    La première des libertés est la liberté de conscience, la deuxième est la liberté d’expression, la troisième est celle de la liberté d’association. Ces trois libertés fondamentales sont menacées par cette proposition liberticide de loi gouvernementale.

    C’est pourquoi, nous demandons le retrait pur et simple du projet de loi prétendument de « Respect des principes républicains ».

    Sex like real VR app

    The next app on our list today is the Sex like Real VR app, and it is head and shoulders above the rest. The Sex like real VR app delivers tons of content, in an actual app format. It pulls content from other websites and gives you a far superior user interface than we've found anywhere else on the internet so far. It's available for almost every VR headset currently out there, missing only PlayStation VR, and Daydream.

    One of the biggest perks with Sex like Real, is that you can access your content streaming. You don't need to download anything but the app itself to access what you want to watch. Since it pulls videos from around the internet, you also get access to better content and more of it than any other site we've managed to find.

    Order of game to get used to vr (vr virgin)

    Got mine about two months ago. I would recommend games in this order (this is how I went about it):

    SteamVR Home (free) - Spend 30mins in your apartment just gawking at how real it is and get used to teleportation. You can almost smell the mountain air. Put a fan on low for increased immersion.

    Aperture Hand Lab (free) - Very short comical experience that teaches you to properly use the knuckle controllers (20 mins)

    The Lab (free) - Play through the 8 or so mini-games that demonstrate the capabilities of VR. You will be much more comfortable using VR after this. The archery game is amazing. (A few hours)

    Now dive straight into HL: Alyx, baby. (Free with Index purchase). This will be the pinnacle of your gaming life.

    After this, I played Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, which I would recommend. But there are hundreds of other great games you can do next. Many free games are great experiences too!

    Two other free games that blew me away:

    Nefetari: Journey to Eternity - Very realistic tour of Egyptian Tomb (30 mins)

    Watch the video: Would You Like to Eat Some Pizza? Educational Song for Kids. BIG SHOW #2-8 BIGBOX (May 2022).