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Oregon State University

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Oregon State University dates to 1858 when it was established as a private academy in Corvallis, Oregon. The first graduating class consisted of three persons, including one woman.As a land grant university, Oregon State University was designated as a state-assisted agricultural college in 1868. Sea grant and space grant designations came later, making the University one of only six universities to hold all three titles.In 1893, the first football team was organized. The university's first mascot was a coyote named Jimmie; the first reference to the “Beavers” occurred in 1910.On March 6, 1961, Governor Mark Hatfield signed new legislation that changed the name of the college to Oregon State University.The university strives to stimulate a lasting attitude of inquiry, openness, and social responsibility, by providing excellent academic programs, educational experiences, and creative scholarship. Internships, study abroad programs and undergraduate research facilities are also offered.OSU’s main campus is situated on a 500-acre campus in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Corvallis. The university’s main library is the Valley Library, with a collection of two million volumes, 14,000 serials, and more than 500,000 maps and government documents.The university also has a campus in Bend, Oregon, which is a partnership between OSU, the Central Oregon Community College, the Central community, and three partner universities. Most significant of its programs are the Community College Leadership Program, the Doctor of Pharmacy Program, and the Extended Campus Professional Programs, focusing on professional education and training for businesses, organizations, and professionals.

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